1535 TM bought for wife..need info..

Aug 29, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
1535 TM
Got a stupendous deal on one of these $55.80 and since her Magellen is a piece of junk i thought what the heck and bought one. Now can anyone share tips and tricks and hints and such so I can get this set up for her quick and easy like..?? Be great having lifetime maps and traffic so that's pretty cool. I know i will be downloading the newest maps tonight probably:sad::D....

First thing to do is to work your way through ALL of the menus, observing what features are available, and how they can be configured. Options like always/ask/no for toll roads, for example.

If you have questions about how any of the features work, please drop us a line here and we'll try to clarify things as needed.
Thanks, can do the menu thing once i download all the maps and stuff..will be doing that at night so hopefully it will go faster:D As far as menus and stuff go, she isn't one to peruse to even look at directions, options etc...so this might be fun..though at least its not the Magellen mess.
The unit is working really well but can't figure out how to set it to come on when you turn the car on. It turns off ok but not on..am i missing something??
Just to be clear... is this a GO 1535 or a VIA 1535?
I think from the "TM" at the it must be a VIA, but the opportunity for confusion is always just around the corner with TT's ever-increasingly stupid numbering systems!

(OLD GO500 or NEW GO500 anyone? :rant:)
Here's the interesting part, the box says Via 1535 TM but when registering the serial number TOMTOM says its a Via 135..??
Yes, not an issue.............

TomTom in an application update some time ago (a month or so, maybe longer) altered the code so that the device would indeed show as a Via 135 (which I think it's known as in the UK and Australia)

It will NOT affect any updates you implement on the device................
Yes, agreed not an issue. To clarify further:

Via 135 = Europe
Via 1535 = North America
Via 280 = Australasia

All cases, 4GB unit with uSD slot.
The issue is there does not seem to be a way to set the unit to come on when you turn the key...looked at the battery saving under settings and nothing there for that issue...
I have one in front of me here...

Battery saving
Next (next screen!)
Device switches on when connected to power -- CHECK!

Of course, this presupposes that your wife's car has one or more outlets that is switched with the ignition, and not 'always on', but that's the case for most cars.
Side bet on which of us is older? :p
You weren't in the running, Arno, but I'm less than a year behind you.

I was born just about the time that old Joe Stalin died.
That's why we didn't let you play in this round, Arno!

That said, I thought you were coming up with a colloquial expression for 60. Where'd you see that for 70?

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