1535 TM bought for wife..need info..

Did the battery save thing and still doesn't work right. It powers off ok but does not come on when car is started. Would that mean the lighter is live all the time or the reason why i got a good deal on the unit??:roll:
For some cars, you need to first turn to the accessory setting on the car for a seconds or so and then to the ignition. This process sometimes activates the unit.
SOME vehicles with switched outlets foul the unit software by the timing of the off/on/off/on moving from off to on to start and back to on again with the ignition switch. As dhn suggests, you might try leaving the key in the 'on' position briefly before starting to see if the unit begins to power up, then go ahead and start the car.
Turning the key to accessory for a second or two before going to ignition seems to have done the trick, works fine now. Thanks!
Glad to hear it. TomTom is aware of the problem, but no idea if/when they'll ever get it sorted. Meanwhile, some users just have to give it that pause to solve it on their vehicles.

What make/model/year is the vehicle that is causing this problem for you? TomTom is collecting that kind of info.

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