What files can be safely deleted?

Jul 15, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
V6, 125,140S, XL340M
Trying to get every kilobyte of space in my TomTom 140S for third party apps and other files. Used HOME to delete unwanted voice files (that helped a lot). Explorer shows some directories / files that might not be necessary:

* helpme (3252 KB) - many html files in languages not used in my TomTom
* raster (2026 KB) - contains the images used for backgrounds when zoomed out
* licences (986 KB) - many files referring to languages not used in my TomTom
* TomTom HOME Install.app (896 KB) - [is this necessary if HOME is installed on desktop?]
* InstallTomTomHOME.exe (340 KB) - [is this necessary if HOME is installed on desktop?]
* art/cars (236 KB) - contains images of cars, most of which are not used

If all or most of the above can be deleted, that could free up to 7 MB or so!

Is there any danger in deleting some or all of the above folders/files? (Yes, I realize I can make backups and try the empirical method, but perhaps somebody else already performed the test).

You can take those off the device with no real issues as long as you understand the HelpMe function will fail to work and the raster images will not appear when you zoom all the way out.

Another folder to prune is the "voices" folder how many of the voices in that folder do you actually use? each voice has two files one ends in .chk which contains the 58 or 59 spoken commeands in a special file format, the other .vif file with the coresponding number to the dataXX.chk (XX being a number) can be opened in NotePad which will tell you the country and voice file name - If you don't use it delete it:


The above four files are the UK voices, deleting the remainder could yield 35MB+ space depending upon the device, for USA voices keep the following:

data07.chk (Lori)
data08.chk (Bonnie)
data09.chk (Richard)

Otherwise make a full backup and you can always replace files if things go wrong but the voices folder often yields the best payback for storage space once its trimmed - Mike

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