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Oct 9, 2012
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VIA 280
hi there,
I'm interested to get TomTom Via 280. I'm from Malaysia and I'm currently using Garmin 1460. I have the following questions;

1. How do I convert garmin custom POI (.gpi) to tomtom POI (.ov2)?
2. Am I able to load the converted POI (.ov2) to Via 280 using mytomtom software?
3. Will all the garmin custom POI (speed trap, redlight camera) still remain the same icon & alert sound?

Thanks and appreciate your help.
I've often wondered by POIEdit doesn't support Garmin's *.gpi format. It supports the other Garmin options.

To the OP:
One program that I can 1000% guarantee will work is the one that I use in the rare instance that I find this function needed. It's called GPSBabel. It is capable of translation of geolocation information between just about every format known to man, including both Garmins *.gpi and TomTom's *.ov2. No kidding ... take a look at this list!

You can find it at
Q3 (a guess at an answer)

ICON - possibly - may depend on what convertor program you use.
For Garmin .csv and TomTom .ov2 format POI files, the icon is not stored in the file, but as a separate .bmp file (I'm guessing it's the same for Garmin .gpi)
But the converter prog may pick it up and copy it across with any new name you save the converted POI with.
Otherwise, just make a copy of the original .bmp and rename it if required.

(That MIGHT not work if you were going from TomTom format to Garmin format if the icon is a "non-standard" size. All TomTom icons used to be 22x22 but they can now be just about any size and Garmin might not like that)

Warning sound - probably not
The Garmin will have been using a .wav or .mp3 file for any custom wanring sounds or voices.
The TomTom will probably require the sound file in .ogg format (although some of the new models can also accept .wav)

It's easy enough to convert between the different file formats (Google or ask for some suggestions) but I don't think any POI conversion program will do it for you automatically.

So it's all "do-able". It will just need some manual work by you to get it working.

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