VIA 1605TM Will Not Power Up

Jun 21, 2014
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via 1605tm
Hi. New to your Forum. I bought a VIA 1605TM from Amazon. Worked great for the first two days of our road trip and now, nothing. It will not power up. It
has been on the charger for two or more hours and thd power button held for over a minute with no positive result.

Any suggestions besides returing it to Amazon when we arrive back home?

Thanks in advance.

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When you held the power button, did it not start at all with a drum sound?

When you refer to a charger, is it an AC charger that the device is connected to?

You may indeed have a duff unit.
No sound no screen no nothing. 12 volt power through supplied power cord.

Hope it's really 5V after passing through a cigarette lighter adapter!
Suspect dhn is right, though. It's either not been charging and will no longer power on due to that, or it's died for other reasons. As for not charging...
Do you have any other USB devices you can use to plug it into (other than the original cig lighter adapter) to see if it begins to take a charge? A netbook? Other charger?
It is the supplied power cord with the traffic antenna.
Cord appears to be okay.

It is the supplied power cord with the traffic antenna.
Cord appears to be okay.

Even brand new cables can sometimes be faulty, and brand new chargers can also be defective.

I do not have a 1605, but my 1535 is of the same generation, and its cable plugs into a separate charger with a USB connection. If that is true of your 1605, and if you have some other device with you that has its own USB CLA charger, such as a laptop, I suggest plugging the USB power cable for your 1605 into that charger to see if it works any better. If you don't have a second CLA charger, but do have another device with its own cable, try plugging that device into your charger.

- Tom -

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