VIA 1535 Male Voice

Nov 19, 2014
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VIA 1535
I'm looking for a male voice that will read street names. The unit only came loaded with female voice voice "Samantha" that reads streets. I also would like to delete the pre-loaded voices I don't want/need, is there any way to do this? I am used to the TomTom Home system, and new to the mydrive setup, so please be patient.
Sorry but there is no US male computer voice available. When you are connected to the computer and click on the Manage community Content icon, under voices, does it give the option to copy voices to the computer?
No option to do anything at all, under anything but the POI section and the Car Symbols. Until I added things to the unit there wasn't anything I could move the the computer. The Community Content thing is a bit foreign to me, I had a TT One, TT One XL, and a TT 550XXL so I got used to the TomTom Home system, it's ease of use, easy personalization, and content availability. Is there a male UK-English computer voice that would work with this unit? If so how do I get it? I'm lost with this "new" system...

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