1535 Via Power Cord to Outlet Charger Wiring

Dec 3, 2015
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1535 Via
Someone getting into the back seat nearly pulled the cord out of the charger (1535 VIA with 4UUC charger) ...stopped working.

Pulled it apart and found a 12v to 5v card inside the charger with connections for red and a black wire ... the black had been pulled off the board completely and it wasn't connected to anything on the other end ...

Need a bit of help ... I am assuming the red wire is power ... and the white is the FM antenna? The black is connected to what ... the mesh shielding wire that surrounds the red power wire?

Thanks in advance ... if I can determine this, can resolder it all up and figure out some way to wrap enough electrical tape around the plug to keep it all together ...
No, I don't recall having to take one of these apart. Haven't seen one destroyed in this way. For what it's worth, you will probably want to first test the unit itself with a regular USB cord just to be sure that one or more of the pads under connector on the main board hasn't been torn from the PCB. If the device still runs that way, it will be worth trying to sort the traffic cable.

I assume that your '4UUC' cable is actually a 4UUC.001.01, has the 'egg' in the middle, and is required for traffic reception? Then yes, the white wire is the FM 'antenna' for the egg. If you supply 12V to the charger, I think a meter will confirm that red is power and black is ground. It would not surprise me if the red wire is shielded to avoid any RF from the local oscillator of the 'egg' receiver.

Alternately, they do have them for $35 on Amazon.
So...took a stab at it.

Stripped wires and tinned the red and black and reattached them to the circuit board ...got power to the unit so the 12v to 5v card is working, but still getting the spinning symbol and the warning RDS-TMC connected and then disconnected on the screen.

Did further searches on RDS-TMC and found one that recommended a hard reboot ...hold on/off button down for 15 seconds.

Now everything works 4.0 ...

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