VIA 135 keeps disconnecting from PC during update

Aug 3, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 135
Just bought VIA 135 and follow instructions to get the software and maps updated. On desktop PC with Windows 7 the PC-device connection keeps breaking randomly every few seconds (occasionally it stays on for minutes). On 2nd computer (laptop with Windows 7) I can't establish connection at all.

I am experienced PC user, and I am sure my computers/OS/software is not causing problems. It is quite dissapointing that I have to go through this with the completely new device, and while following update instructions to the letter. I regret buying your product.
Now reached 40% of updates download, then connection broke and I'm back at 0%. To add an insult to injury, I'm being reminded to "keep my device connected", as if it is myself who keeps disconnecting it! Unbelievable!!! I can't believe someone is allowed to sell something like this, for real money.
Hey - this could be something as simple as a cable, but let's see. One item .. we recommend using the original cable on a rear USB port if possible.
Q: Are you getting USB connect/disconnect sounds? In other words, does this seem to be an issue between the unit and the PC, or between your PC and TomTom's server?

It's not clear whether we're talking about the connection to TomTom's servers or the connection to the unit. Are you trying to update the firmware on the unit or a map, or ? Suggestion to start, assuming the problem is a server connection that keeps breaking and aborting a download..

Right click the systray icon for MyTomTom. Select 'Settings' and then 'Cache'. Make sure that both 'Cache large content items...' and 'Prevent computer from turning off...' are both checked. While you're at it, pay attention to the "Cache folder" that is specified on that page. We'll get to that in a minute.

If large items are being cached, and it's the firmware or a map that you are trying to download, the download should resume even if the connection back to TomTom is broken during the download.

Now, navigate to that cache folder and check the content. There should be some number of 'content' files and 'response' files, and most important, a file called 'cache-status.xml'. Describe what you see in the way of 'content' and 'response' files and their sizes. Open the 'cache-status.xml' file with your favorite word processor and post what you see with a quick copy/paste. That will tell us both what it is you are trying to update and what kind of success/failure you are having.

Depending upon what we find there, we'll move on.
I am trying to download everything which was on offer - firmware, maps, cameras, and something called QuickGPSfix. It is connection between PC and the device that is breaking (it is circling between Connected, Disconnected and Connecting).

I don't think connection to server has anything to do with it (unless TomTom software by "Disconnected" means disconnected from server, which I don't think is the case).

Connection is back on, and I am hoping it will last 10 more minutes. Settings button is grayed. I will try your recommendation as soon as "Settings" are available.

Thanks for quick response.
Ah, OK. It wasn't clear to me which of the two links was being interrupted.

The 'Settings' won't change whether the device appears and disappears. Again, do you hear the USB connect/disconnect sounds from the PC when the device appears to become disconnected and reconnects?
Yes, I hear USB disconnect and reconnect all the time. I shut off all other processes which I suspected that may cause the problem. I think problem is caused by device initiating some communication on its own, while download is in progress. Messages on the device, in TomTom software, and on web page are totally inconsistent, sometimes even on the device I see simultaneusly message that download is complete and that I can disconnect the device, and another one that I need to stay connected, I see different % of download completion etc. On 2nd PC I didn't manage to connect at all ("Connecting..." status was shown for 10 minutes after driver was successfully installed, then I gave up).

Complete mess made of something that should be so simple that my mother should be able to do.
If you're constantly hearing a USB connect/disconnect, then I'm back to the previous comment. Try using ONLY a rear port if a desktop, and the original TomTom cable. Also, wiggle the cable (both ends, one at a time) to see if there's an issue there. We don't normally see any kind of device induced USB flip/flop going on -- just cables and ports. If wiggling gets you into any trouble, then see if you can locate another standard USB-A to MiniB cable in your collection and let TomTom know they need to send you a new one.

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