Version 6.030 and POI

Jul 7, 2010
I have version 6.030 installed on my IPAQ 415O its working fine but when I store the GPS postion as a favorite when I try to use the favorite its says no route found

Any help most appriciated
Are you actually on a road on the map when you store the location as a favourite?

If you are off the map the device won't be able to create a route to it so you get the "No Route Found" error message - Mike
Exactly, Mike. I have a friend who waypointed a new race track out east of Denver as a favorite, came home, and told me he couldn't get it to route to get there the next time he tried. I told him that the next time he was there, he needed to waypoint the point on the highway where he turns instead. TomTom has no idea yet about the new road (a good mile long) that leads to the track.
tomtom's sort of fixed this in the new 9.x apps. if you try to set a favorite too far offroad it errors and doesnt let you add the favorite. so in the new apps you can always route to favorites that it lets you add.

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