New Version 11.030 just downloaded to my 2505TM

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Mar 2, 2007
Concord, NC
TomTom Model(s)
One V2, GO 720, GO 2505
  • What's New:
  • You can now search with Yelp, TripAdvisor or Expedia *

    (in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the USA and Canada).
  • You can share your destination with Twitter

    (in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the USA and Canada).
  • The new Alternative route viewer shows you a faster alternative route when one is available.**
  • The Speed Cameras service has the following improvements:
    • You are now warned about speed cameras with new, clearer icons.
    • You can now report and delete speed cameras with one touch.
    • You can now confirm that a speed camera is still there.
    • When driving in an average speed check zone, your average speed is now displayed.
  • TomTom Places is expanded to cover Norway, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.
  • If your navigation device has a memory card slot, you can now install your maps on a memory card. ***
  • You can now install multiple POI files or POI categories on your navigation device using a ZIP file.
  • The navigation device now starts quicker.
  • Speed limits in Asia now contain ‘time of day’ information (works only with the latest map).
  • You are now asked if you want your navigation device to collect and send anonymous information to TomTom. ****
  • The following improvements have been made to the user interface:
    • Improved zoom icon
    • Frequent destinations are now stored as favorites automatically
    • In lists, 5 options are shown instead of 6, which makes selection easier at arm’s length
    • The keyboard is redesigned to make interaction more user-friendly
    • When planning a route to a favorite, you can add a favorite if none has been added previously
  • When the device is connected to the charging cable in a car, the device will turn on and off with the car ignition.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

* Only available with an active LIVE subscription

** Only available with an active LIVE subscription or with a TMC receiver

*** To find out which memory cards you can use with your TomTom device, go to the Support page and search for “Which memory card for additional maps”

****You can find more information about the data TomTom gathers at
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