TTS - Incorrect directional street names

Jun 18, 2010
I have a XL330S device. I have noticed something that is getting on my nerves. Whenever the computer voice reads aloud a street name that includes a directional abbreviation (N. Main Street, for example), the voice just says "N" instead of saying "North." I have not used my TomTom very often, so I cannot say if my device has always been doing this or if it just started doing this. Is this a problem that just I am having, or is this something that other users experience? It gets on my nerves. I use my Garmin unit more often, and it correctly interprets these directional abbreviations (although it has its own problems with roadways named "N Street" ;-) )
Try this........

Use Explorer to look at the contents of your unit. In the map folder, you'll see a file called cphoneme.dat.

Rename it to cphoneme.old.

See if that helps.
Some of this is fixed by upgrading to the latest map, as it includes pronunciation fixes for vocalizer devices.

Otherwise, see this link to tweak voices.

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