TT 930 Remote?

Jun 27, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
910-930- via 1500
Hey guys, I went through a bunch of stuff that I had to do to my unit, like reformatting, and reinstalling navcore, and so on, the thing that its still not up to par, is my remote, not controlling unit, and still the computer Portuguese voices, actually a nice feature to have, if you are interested in learning another lang. My Port voice was AMALIA, I almost fell in love with her voice, so soft and pleasant. Getting off track here. When I did the last upgrade, alot of my files got corrupted, so Im still recovering. Anyways, if anyone knows what files I have to have for my remote, please share your knowledge with us. Thanks in advance.
TBH, I didn't know any actual "files" were needed for the remote to function.
But I don't have a Go930 here to check for anything that might be relevant. Anyone else still got one?

I do have a Go720 which I think could use the same remote control, but looking at the files and folders on that, there's nothing that jumps out as obviously related.
For the GO 930 go to screen 7 of 8 in Preferences and 'Enable Bluetooth'.

When actually using the remote you may have to do that again.

The Bluetooth remote eats batteries even before breakfast as it is ALWAYS on, as confirmed by the blue LED.

I have been using rechargeable NiMH but the only reason why they may last 6 month on a single charge is that I haven't bothered with the back cover and immediately after use pop up one of the batteries.
The alkalines used to die after 90 minutes max. before I switched.
Maybe, if I had come up with the pop up trick then I would still buy the packages of Panasonics at the Dollar store.

Once I had learned to do that, the remote has become the most missing features to me on Nav3 devices.
There are two generations of the remote, the second generation fixed something and vastly improved idle battery life. I remember easily getting a month out of a pair of batteries back when I used the GO930/GO740.

When bluetooth is enabled on the 930 per Arno's instructions, all you need to do is tap the remote while not moving, and the Tomtom should say "remote is trying to pair.. accept?". Tap yes and you're good to go.

Note that Tomtom disabled remote pairing while in motion so that you don't get interrupted by other Tomtom remote users in nearby cars.
When bluetooth is enabled on the 930 per Arno's instructions, all you need to do is tap the remote while not moving, and the Tomtom should say "remote is trying to pair.. accept?". Tap yes and you're good to go.
Correct; not 'enabling again' as I had said.
After the pairing the remote can (shouldn't) be operated while moving.
The beauty is that it does not have to be pointed and one gets to know the function buttons without looking.
A boon in the wife's minivan where one has to bend forward, reach and look at the device to tap the right spot.

My 930 was of the initial batch. I bought it a day after is was released.
There are 2008 posts in the forum that voiciferously expressed my displeasure about the battery life until I devised the little ruse.
Tried turning on bluetooth, but when searching for devices, comes back and says (nobluetooth devices found)


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Hey Arno, tried what you said, but no go with my unit, the blue led just blinks, but gps doesnt pair, or doesnt capture remote signal. thanks
If it blinks there is no connection between the two.

If it is enabled, Preferences screen 7 should look like the first screen print above. Tap Disable Bluetooth and then Done.
Pop off one of the batteries in the remote.
In the Main menu click Change preferences.
Go back to Preferences 7 of 8 and tap Bluetooth preferences.
Tap Enable Bluetooth and Done.
Pop the battery back into the remote and see if you now get the 2nd screen above.

If not, I have no further advice.


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Tried that, no go, also tried pairing a headset, gps doesnt recognize anything. Seems the gps isnt receiving any bluetooth signals. It worked fine before, even paired it with car pone bluetooth, and I got all calls through it. Something must of happen with this new upgrade, I think. Thanks Arno.
You sure the software was set up right in the repair process?

What app version and what bootloader version do you have?

In Tomtom HOME, go to "Manage my GO", and remove all applications on the device and computer tabs, then go to "Update my GO" and it should reinstall everything.

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