Tried to update to new map, now it says "No maps found!"

Jan 11, 2011
All right. So, I went to update the map on my TomTom XXL, but the installation froze. So I had to abort it. Now I turn my device on, and there are no maps! I tried to install the new one again, but it says I don't have enough free space. I already tried freeing up by deleting unnecessary things, but there is only 860 kb free when I need over 1000.

Been browsing the support sites and nothing has worked. Please help!
When you look at the contents using Explorer, do you see a map folder (like USA_Canada) with files in it?

Try using Home to remove all voices to the computer using Manage my Device-->device tab-->voices.

Also, see here:

Before doing that though, download and run the Clear Flash tool 3 times from here:
Clear Flash tool

If that doesn't work AND you DO see the map folder, try resetting the unit by holding the power button for about 10 seconds.

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