I tried to raise volume on a Recorded voice file, but resulting files don't work?

Oct 29, 2006
I didn't know if this was the proper forum, or if I should have posted this in the Voices section, so please move if necessary.

I just bought a Go 930 and downloaded some voices from HOME with my favorite being Vicki Archer not only because I like her voice, but because she is nice and loud and I can hear her. I tried to raise the volume on another voice file, to see if it would sound better, but I can't get my new files to work, and I have no idea what I am doing wrong, what to change, etc.

This is the procedure I used:

I used TTG POI Sound Patcher to separate all of the OGGs from the .chk file and placed them all into a folder "VOICE TEST".

I opened all of the OGGs in Audacity and then exported them all as WAVs so that I could tweak them in Adobe Audition 3 which I find easier to use than Audacity, but it doesn't like OGGs (ridiculous I know).

In Audition, I raised the volume and also applied a little EQ to make the sound less muffled. After that, I simply hit "SAVE".

After tweaking all 59 files, I exported them as OGGs to a new folder "NEW OGGS".

Using TTG POI Sound Patcher, I converged the files together again into a .chk file, and then renamed the resulting file "data89.chk".

Put the file into my "voices" folder in my 930.

When I select the voice, and hit "TEST" the 930 freezes and then reboots.
I then tried to open all of the WAVs in Audacity and export them as OGGs to see if Audition somehow messed them up. But, again, the Tomtom simply freezes and reboots.

To test TTG POI Sound Patcher, I tried to reconverge the original OGGs it produced at the start of this procedure and the resulting file works with no problem. So, somewhere in my tweaking process, something is changing for the worst. But, I don't know what or how to figure it out without some more experienced help.

More info: I exported the OGGs as 22050 Hz, 16-bit, just like the original files.
I also tried to use WINVIFTOOL2 but that program just gives me an error both with my tweaked OGGS and the original OGGs.

I don't know if I raised the volume enough or what other tweaking I may need to to, but obviously can't until I figure out where I'm going wrong in this process in the first place.

Can anyone help me figure this out so I can test my files?



So, no one here has tried to raise the volume on any of these voices? Some of them would be good if they were recorded at the right volume. I just need some help in figuring out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks! :)
I didn't know if this was the proper forum, or if I should have posted this in the Voices section, so please move if necessary.

Never tried this myself, but I moved to the voices forum to see if you get more responses there.


Tinkering with files

HI Geo

OK, well you are getting very technical even for me ;)

You are trying to change the voicing levels, which is almost impossible to do. Several reasons including tampering software, maybe the reasoning why this is happening. There is a change you are also pushing the speaker to above its power input/output. Since the units are designed in a way to squeeze as much out of the batterys as possible.. you may be pushing them a little too far.

Sorry I dont have a better answer, and if I did I may be hunted and shot ;)


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