Touch screen unresponsive on Tomtom 720

Sep 10, 2008
Hi all

I have a tomtom go 720 with firmware 8.302 and Austalian maps 715 (as well as 815.2086). There seems to be a bug thats causing the touchscreen to intermittently (but regularly) become unresponsive. The device continues to run other stuff normally (ie navigation, mp3 playing, even phone calls) but the screen does not respond to touch. Sometimes touching the screen will cause the buttons to highlight, but nothing further happens. After a couple of minutes left alone, the problem goes away (sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes hours).

I've tried re-formatting, re-installing, flash clearing, going back to old versions of firmware etc, but don't seem to have hit the right combination.

I assume others out there are having the same problem, but my search keywords can't find any suggestions. Any help greatly appreciated.

Other than a pin reset and restore to factory defaults, I don't know what to suggest. Try Aussie support for assistance.

The info is: 1300 135 604 Monday - Friday: 09:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST
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Thanks DHN. I've sent an email to support - not heard back yet.

HOWEVER - I have just discovered a settings.dat file on my SD card and wonder if this could have something to do with it. This could explain why even a clean install on internal memory made no difference. After an hours testing (without the card and with a clean install) I can't reproduce the problem. Still need to test when driving - will report back.

Does anyone know if the Tomtom will read this settings file in precedence to the one in internal memory, and if it could interfere in this way?

All I know is that TomTom will boot from a sd card over internal if it sees firmware installed on a sd card. I really don't remember posts here (in a North American TomTom forum) that are the same as you described on your unit in Oz.

Now, while the application software is the same, and while I don't see how the map itself would cause the symptoms you described, who knows?

If you do find the situation seems ok, make a full Explorer backup of the unit's contents. Ensure hidden files and folders are showing.

Finally, we in North America tend to get better results with Support if we call, not email them.
Sorry to piggyback, but something the OP said brings an ongoing issue to mind...

FREQUENTLY, I will press a "button" on my 720, see it acknowledged by the change in color, and yet the firmware does not respond with the appropriate action, remaining instead in the current video situation. It's almost as though the "keybounce" algorithm is whacked somehow. I then have to press the screen area again and hope that it actually acts on the acknowledged press. What's up with that?

I would swear that my original 720 didn't do this. It ceased seeing any satellites about 60 days after purchase, and they sent me (and I never should have allowed it) a refurbished unit. It seemed to me that the 2nd unit was both less sensitive and prone to the problem described above. Both started life with 7.441, so it wasn't a firmware issue.
I have a refurb GO 720 & the touchscreen requires considerably more pressure than my old ONE 3rd did. This took a while to get used to, but I haven't had either of those issues, above. YMMV.
From what I can tell, my problem was caused by the presence of a SETTINGS.DAT file on my SD card. I'm not sure how it got there, but suspect it was installing a third party media player on the sd card some time back. Or maybe I put it there when playing around. I guess it related to an older fimrware version as well.

Getting rid of it has also cleaned up some other nagging issues like strange start up behaviour as well. My advice to anyone out there that is experiencing strange behaviour on their tomtom - check your sd cards and make sure there are no unwanted system files.


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