TomTom Go 750 touch screen not working

Aug 18, 2019
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Hi all,

Yesterday I tried to connect my device to my computer. I did not have the right cable to connect the device to the computer, so I soldered the 4 usb wires to the 20 pin port. On my screen of the TomTom came the screen with "Would you like to connect....". But the computer did not recognize the device.

After that I removed the wires and put the TomTom back together, now the touch screen is not working anymore. I can not click on "I agree" on the first screen. Also when I boot the device, I see short the loading screen (green) with a CD (seems like the screen when you see after connecting to the computer). So it look likes the device is bricked/freezed.

Could someone help me to solve this problem? I also did a reset with holding the power button.

I put the TomTom in the car dock with a usb to the computer, this worked, but I can not click on "No" or "Yes" in the "Do you want to connect to Computer?" screen.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, thanks for your message. I mean that I installed everything back together. I tried to add calib.txt to the root of my device, but the numbers of the calib. stays the same. Why is the calibration nog changing to the numbers I put in the txt file?
The numbers on the black and white diag screen never change. Those are the base numbers. Anything you do in a calibration file are added to those. But I doubt that this is your problem now.
When you disassembled the device, did you completely separate the two 'halves' of the device, removing a flex cable that connects the screen to the motherboard?
Yes, I also removed the flex cable, but there is no damage or rip I can see on the cable neither the connector.
Fingers crossed re the connector. If it's the style I recall, there's a little flip lever on the end of the latch, and the latch is designed only to be raised a few degrees (probably about 20-30 tops) to release the flex. If you raise it any more than that, there's a tab that breaks and the flex doesn't stay locked down properly.

Given the situation, I'd have to recommend taking things apart and having a very close look at the flex connection. That will have been the weak point in the disassembly/assembly that could create screen issues fairly easily.
I check all the connections on the touch screen with the flex cable and all have continuity, so I can assume the flex is not ripped or something like that.

See image:
That's not the end I was worried about. It's where the flex connector mates with the motherboard. Didn't the 750 have a connector there that could be released to separate the screen entirely from the motherboard?
Yes, that is correct, but I already measured from the top of the ribbon cable till the connectors I show in the red circle above.
It's not the continuity through the flex that concerns me. It's the connection at this (see below) end of the cable that I'm concerned about - there should be a flex connector on the mother board where the 'see below' end plugs in. I have concerns about the quality of the connection between the flex cable and that connector.

Unless you've checked continuity between the pins on the bottom of the motherboard's flex connector and the flex circuit in the photo, we don't know for certain where we are yet.


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