TomTom XL Live IQ - reinstall problems

Jul 20, 2010
Hi there,
I also mailed the TomTom helpdesk, but they seem to be on holiday :(.

The problem (or: how stupid can an experienced computer user be): I was updating my TomTom, thought it was ready and pulled the usb-cable out without disconnecting in TomTom Home. From that moment, the only thing the device showed was a red cross. The tomtom was unaccessible via Windows explorer: it was seen as an unformatted external drive. Resetting the device had no effect at all.

I then formatted the TomTom as described on the TomTom site. That seemed to work: the device was recognized and Home was able to install the software. Finally the device was up and running and showed 'no map installed'.

I then tried to reinstall the downloaded map from the download folder of /documents and settings..../tomtom/downloads', but no luck: after disconnecting the TomTom from my computer, the red cross flashes again and the 'drive' of the device seems to be completely empty again!

What am I doing wrong? What is the correct procedure of reinstalling the map?

Hope you can help...

Format the device, then let Home download and install the application, next use Home to install the map to the device finally you will need to add some voices once completed make sure you use the disconnect device option from within Home to prevent the data transfer being broken resulting in a screwed up unit - Mike
Hi Mike,
Thanks for your response. I followed the steps you mentioned, but no result: right after disconnecting the device in Home, the flashing cross reappears and the flash drive seems to be totally messed up. This time not empty, but with a chaos of random characters....Seems a hardware failure to me :-(

When you format the device you are not selecting the "Quick Format" option are you, if so try again with the quick format disabled, if this doesn't apply give TT CS a ring in the morning as they will already have your details from the e-mail you sent - Mike
No quick format indeed. I'm formatting it from an XP-laptop. I'll try it once from a Vista Desktop. If it doesn't work I'll contact CS. Thanks for your help anyway.

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