TomTom Go 540live

Oct 6, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go 540live
Free to good home.Battery dead but powers up and appears to work on external power. Complete with computer dock, windscreen mount and lead. "Buyer" pays postage costs.

I noted that you don't have a country icon yet, but so that others know, jufes is in the UK.
Unless you have bought something else already, the battery can be change with a little patience and little expense.
There are several places selling batteries and here is a tutorial how to do it:

Thanks for information but now use a 6200 ( a retirement gift to me on retirement)
Mark Smith:

Be advised that a European 540 LIVE will not work in the US as far as the Live stuff is concerned. Different (and not compatible) SIM cards.

Further, since that model is considered End of Life, no further map updates are available.

If, however, you are interested in the device for parts, that is a different story.

However, searching eBay might yield decent results --- or not.
Hi Julian,
After further research - and the advice from the Moderator (thanks dhn!) - perhaps this would be better going to someone from the UK. I'll see what I can find on this side of the pond. Thank you anyway...
Indeed, and the SIM difference wouldn't matter anyway. AT&T shut down our 2G service, so the older Live units won't get traffic here at all.

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