Tomtom XL 350 new owner

Jun 20, 2010
Okay, so I picked up best buys good deal on the TomTom 350 XL with lifetime maps and traffic. I have never owned a GPS unit before because I have never needed one (I worked 2 miles from my house). Now with a new job that requires me to be on the road 100% of the time, I figured why not.

One thing I cant figure out with this blasted thing is how to program waypoints. I have to usually hit 2 or 3 places during my day and I would like to find a way to setup waypoints instead of having to click on each one. Any way I can do it with this unit?

Welcome to TTF.

The 350 model comes with an 'Easy Menu' which has many fewer menu options than units using the full menus available. 'Waypoints' is a term used for stops on an Itinerary you have planned; unfortunately, itineary planning is one of those options missing from the 350.

The best you can do on your model is to list each item as a favourite and then navigate to that favourite. You are limited to 48 favourites in total.

You may, if you can, consider returning your device for either a 340 (full menus) or the 540 (full menus and 5" screen).

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