TOMTOM XL 330 Maps not Found???

Oct 23, 2010
I just bought this thing, was working fine out the box, hooked it up to my pc and started to update it, during an update with the new map it had an error "cannot create file on d:/bla bla"
So after trying everything and updating it numerous times, it then shows everything is fine, no updates needed and what not, However when i turn on the device it says no map found, i cant access a damn thing

so on my computer there is a tomtom folder in my documents, im trying to copy the map file from there onto my device, along with the activation file that i assume goes in the same folder. Its about 900mb rounded off, and its taking 1 hour to copy to the damn device, im hoping by doing this manually it will work, im not sure what im doing.

has anyone else experienced this and what did u do?

this is really annoying, alot of problems when i went to update this, brand new 2 hour old gps, not very good for tomtom service if u ask me, there closed !!

ahh im so frustrated, so my question is? will this work, copying the map from my documents to my gps folder named maps? i dont have a folder called western like i so read all over the net.
Welcome to TTF.

Let's figure this out........

I don't suppose you made an Explorer backup, not Home, when you first got your unit?

Well, if not, connect your unit to the computer and use Explorer to look at the contents of the unit. Do you see a specific map folder like USA_Canada with files in it?

Also, did you download an updated map using the Latest Map guarantee? If so, you'll find it here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\
Thank you for the welcome and no i did not make a backup, didnt think i needed to, i never owned a gps before.

And yes there is a folder in my documents, tomtom, downloads, complete, maps, usa and canada winrar archives, i copied the files from both archives into my existing folder named maps on the gps device, i got past the maps not found screen finally, but now there is nothing, just a "no gps signal" and a blue screen with tomtom on it..

i took a screen shot of what my gps folder in maps looks like and all the files i replaced, please take a look.




im not sure which 1 works, its just a tinypic pic link

As long as you are sure you see the USA_Canada cab file in the download folder on your computer, then do this:

1. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

2. Use Windows Explorer to format your unit. Do NOT use quickformat.

3. Then use the information here to install the map onto the unit. You are NOT using Home.

4. Connect the unit to Home. You'll be offered an application. Download and install. Detach the unit PROPERLY from Home, using the Device Disconnect icon on the bottom right of Home's screen.

5. Assuming the unit is working properly now, connect to the computer (do NOT use Home) and make another Explorer backup.
Tom om XL

Hi, I had the same prob with my XXL, this is what I did and it worked.
First switch on gps ,go into my compter left click and format gps, do a full format in FAT32, then do a quick format.
Second switch on gps and connect to computer, Tom Tom:D will open then click on update my XL, thats it, sit back for a hour and your gps will be working fine

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