My TomTom says my 330s is not connected

Feb 27, 2011
Bought a new TomTom 330s today. Loaded the My TomTom software, but whenever I connect the TomTom to the computer, autoplay comes up acting like I'm connecting a disc containing pictures. My TomTom says X Not Connected.

Any advice? I have Windows 7
You should be running Home 2, not MyTomTom which also known as Home 3 and is associated with newer 1x and 2x models.

Run home2 and try it in XP compatible mode.

Get Home2 here:
How to install HOME

It's standard that the window opens up as it sees the connected unit as just another usb device, like a flashdrive. Just choose 'do nothing' and open Home 2.
Thanks. Now when I attempted to update my map to the newer one, I received an error when it was installing it to internal memory, and now my unit doesn't have any maps installed.
When you connect to the computer, look at the contents with Explorer. Do you see a specific map folder such as USA_and_Canada with stuff in it? If not, do you see a downloaded map in compressed form here:

c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\Maps\ (path may vary slightly with W7).

If so, see here:
Yes, I attempted to load the map without using home, once I did it gave me a red screen on my TomTom stating there was a problem with the map and it could not use it.

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