TomTom Via 1605 MyDrive Connect Update Used 2.8 GB on My Computer

Mar 24, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 1605

I just installed the latest update from MyDrive Connect to my TomTom Via 1605. For other reasons, I had the screen up that tells me how much free space I have on my C: drive. I was only updating the maps (and whatever other updates it suggested) at the time - I was doing nothing else. And when it was done updating I noticed that 2.8 GB of space on my C: drive had been used. Is this a backup of my Via in case the update installation got corrupted? As I was doing nothing else on my computer at the time, the memory space loss has to be related to something TomTom was doing during the update installation.

Related incident: when I tried to install the same updates a few weeks back, I was told that I could not update at that time because I did not have enough memory available on my PC (not the GPS, my PC). Sure enough, C: drive space was about maxed out and I had to move around partitions to free up space. Once I did that, I was able to update my Via.

So, every time I update my Via, I lose 2.8 GB of memory? If this is a backup (and what else would it be?) how do I locate it on my PC?

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