TomTom Traffic in Brazil

Your device is not equipped. If you are talking about LIVE traffic as contrasted to getting traffic info using a combo rds-tmc antenna/car charger, then your device will never work with that (LIVE traffic) feature.

You are best to call Customer Service for advice as to your options:

em todo o país:

De Segunda à Sexta-Feira
das 07h às 16h
I'm talking about this.

That's only about $25 per year -- that would be too cheap for Live, even if your particular 340 was a Live unit (which being just an "S" model, it is not.
So all I can imagine is that they are asking this price for RDS-TMC, and for that, you would need the RDS-TMC charger cable. Your unit didn't come with one, did it? It's a charger cable with a little 'egg' inline on the cable.
But you don't need a traffic subscription with the 'egg' rds-tmc antenna. It just 'works' out of the box in any country with the FM transmission.

It was the old cables of what? Six years ago, maybe that required a renewal subscription. Don't think they exist anymore.........anywhere.
One wonders what game they are playing down in Brazil. Like I say, $25 a year sounds too cheap for Live, even if he could use it.
I wouldn't put too much stock in that web page, dhn. It's notorious for being out of date. Traffic was launched in Brazil in November of 2013.

In the OP's shoes, I'd call local tech support and ask THEM what this is all about! That is ... unless ... it really is a 340 Live, but if so, that wouldn't have been originally purchased in Brazil.

To the OP, please advise the 1st two characters of your unit's serial number. At a guess, I'd say either RT or GB depending on how much memory it has.

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