TOMTom probs still more :(

OK-GO, rung me back and has asked that I send it back to them, they will refund postage,
and replace the unit, they said they think there may be something wrong with it?

it's covered under a manufacturer 12 month gtee

so not exactly sure what there goin to do,

I may still try to ring TT anyway tonight
I cant set the pin as this must be tied up to the maps see below

When trying to go into OPERATE MY ONE XL in HOME



This product requires activation

MANUAL, your device code is AK8AG ASDS6, pls visit TT Code - TomTom Product Activation.

AUTOMATIC, Please have your product code, sorry this is not a valid product code

"To obtain an activation code, the first thing you need to do is to find the product code of your TomTom product. This productcode can be found on one of these places:

on the 'productcode card' in your TomTom box;
in your CD jewel case, behind your CD;
in your CD box, behind CD 2;
on your My Account page (for Map downloads);

This product code consists of 3 groups of 5 characters and digits."

when trying the code is saying is not a valid code

will ring TT tommorow morning
I forgot - Latest Map Guarantee was a sales promotion that Tomtom launched in the summer of 2007 when the 700 series maps were launched. I can't believe Amazon sold Jaye944 such an old device.

Jaye944, do you have a product description printout of the tomtom you purchased from Amazon? Hopefully it claims LMG would be offered, so that tomtom phone support will honor it. They may even forget about the restriction, because they may also assume that you couldn't have bought such an old device.

If you can't get LMG, my opinion is you should return it and get an XL-IQ Routes model. The directions the IQroutes engine provides are far superior to the old XL, and in my opinion well worth the added price.

I can't speak to getting the password to work since I don't use it (it's more hassle to me and doesn't prevent thefts), maybe following these directions will help?

Highlighted for postarity....

My XL 330 has a 1 year best buy warranty no matter the reason for breaking, it will be repaired or replaced. Hopefully before the 1 year is up all Tomtom devices will have a IQroutes because mine may meet a climatic ending..hehehe
De saga continues

I rang TT tech support this morning

after a bit of to and frowing, yes agreed the LMG wont work as its too old and suspected refurbed,
though if so best refurn I've ever seen, and sold as NEW

anyway they agreed to update the map, as long I proove proof of purchase, also send the system info.

so I fax the amazon invoice and the delivary invoice
I also email a screen shot of the amazon invoice , coulndt at work get a scanned copy of the invoice

but they are waiting for the faxed copies to be attached to the fault before dealing (as it goes through a different process)

but the amazon invoice I emailed, wasnt sfficent? has my name, adress , part numbersm, credit card vat etc all details, WHY they are waiting for the faxed copy of the del invoice I dont know and why they wont accept just the amazon recipt I dont know

anyway, they are looking at resolving, and TBH have been helpful,

just dont know what the issue is. its getting frustrating now :(

hope to have it resolved by tommorow

will take a picture of my invoice and email it now Im home maybe that may help
the supplier, has been quite good, but I tried to get emailed copies of the delivary invoce, which was beyond them apparently.

and they said they would take this back and either refund or replace.

Then they said they "may" have sent me a refurbnd model, and would swap it for a XL v2

all in all more than I thought I would bargain for once I ordwered a TT

:( :(

but big :) :D at TT forums
cheers guys


TT finally came through with the maP-update

loaded and all seems ok, 825
this also sorted out my pin problem

one other quick question..........

when I migrate to Canada (6-9 months) and I wanna use the canada map, do I just load it on to the existing SD, or buy a new SIM ?


thankxs for all de helps
If the map will fit on the existing card, then you can install the map on it and use the unit to Manage maps-->Switch map.

If it won't fit, then put it on a new card along with all other files/folders from the unit. Insert the new card into the unit when in Canada. (The other card with existing map is, of course, removed).

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