TomTom MyDrive not working on iPhone 12 Pro Max with New Verizon Unlimited plan??

Feb 2, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go60s
Device: TomTom Go60s (Serial Starts with QU)
iPhone 12 Pro Max with latest Apple software iOS 16.3
MyDrive V2.13.2
NC v1.1.69.2357
Verizon Wireless Plan "Welcome Unlimited" that launched within the last few months.

TomTom Go60s Pairs properly, but then device cannot connect to MyDrive app, even though it's open and logged in.
Deleted aoo, reinstalled, reset TomTom device, etc.
Tomtom Go60s just keeps trying to connect and then gives error message cannot connect to My Drive app
Spp screen shows "Ooops try again later."

the only thing I could think of is the new verizon plan doesn't allow your phone to be used as a hotspot (it's apparently a restriction with the new plan.

Anybody else know about this or have any ideas? Thanks!
I had always understood that the app was really a work-around for the tethering issue. Sounds like Verizon finally spotted what it was doing and put the brakes on it.

Guess the place to start is to see whether tethering is actually excluded by your carrier's plan.

What happens if you don't use the app, but try a direct BT or WiFi 'tether' or 'hotspot' with your phone to get the data for your GO 60? The app isn't needed to get traffic data or TT cloud data. It's only needed if you want to plan destinations / routes on your phone and send them to your device.
Thanks for responding. Unfortunately Verizon doesn’t allow to use your phone as a hotspot on this plan. I’ve even toggled with the cellular data in settings but no luck.

In addition this TomTom won’t connect at all with the app. It will pair with the phone but won’t connect even for just the traffic which is all I’m really looking for.

Any other ideas? I know this isn’t the “latest” gen but these are expensive…
Hi there @tomtom1515m -

Way back when Apple introduced new Bluetooth security permissions from iOS 13, TomTom had tried to modify the MyDrive app on a couple of occasions to make the two separate Bluetooth connections work effectively for traffic data and calls/texts but currently remains unresolved.
At the moment, a direct Bluetooth/WiFi hotspot link is needed from your iPhone, but it appears from your current Verizon plan, this is not available. You would need to upgrade/change plan to receive that function.
If you are able to do so, we can post here the best way of making that connection.

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