TomTom Home does not update map due to error - could not delete ...

Feb 18, 2013
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Hi All,
I am a bit desperate, cause map update does not work anymore on my TomTom Go710.

The map updater says
"can not delete ...." I guess from the file name some map file, which does not exist?
"stopped due to error"

Before that, my computer crashed while in the middle of updating the map.
I suspect that the updater had deleted the file it complains now, but what I do not understand is why it does not ignore the fact that it can not delete the file.

I now have a GO710 which only knows about Canary Islands, I guess.
The map update sits on my computer, but TomTomHome after retrying now ignores it.
It does not allow me to update the map again and correct this problem.

Any idea, how I can tell the map updater to simply take that stupid map from my computer and put it on my TomTom, without getting confused by what's left on my TomTom?

Any help is very much appreciated!
Thank you and best regards,
We will need to start from the beginning to fully understand what has happened.

Were you attempting to apply a Mapshare update, or install a new map? Our approach may be very different based upon the answer to that question.

Can you identify the path and file that appeared in the error you mention?

Crashing during a Mapshare update or new map installation isn't good, but we may be able to recover from it, if that's what happened.

BIG first question .. do you have a backup of your unit prior to the time when all of this happened?
Another early question to ask... which version of Home are you using?
I seem to remember another recent topic on one of the forums where a user had to use Home v1 to get his fairly old map updated.

(So the follow on questions are.... what software version are you running on the TomTom, and what map version did you have (you can probably check by looking at the Canary Island map. Instructions for finding both those version numbers are in our "articles" section of the forum)

Both Home v1 and Home v2 are available from the same download padge on the TT website (v1 is hard to spot BELOW the big buttons to get v2)
Dear all, thank you for the quick answers.

No, I do not have a full device backup of any kind.

I am using TomTom Home 2, which I have used for a long time now to update maps. I have always updated my European map several times per year. Since I had reinstalled the operationg system on my computer (now window7 64bit) I had downloaded the latest version from totom website three days ago.

Only this time I ran into this problem.
Unfortunately I do not memorize the file name exactly, as I realized that something is wrong after restarting TomTom and it displayed a corner of the world completely unknown to me. I Think it was something with IRL at the end.

If there is a log file, I could get it.

The error message said that the updater could not delete a file, and I think this was while it was busy replacing files by new versions.
This is why I asked if there is a way to run the map update again.

I do NOT think that this was during MapShare updates, but the Western_European map update.

By the way, the device works nicely, it just knows nothing about Western Europe anymore.
Guess we need to determine whether or not the W.E. map resides intact on your PC. If it does, we will explain how to manually load it to your device.

Please navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\CHRIS\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map

You should see at least one Western_Europe folder there. There may be more than one, with more recent ones numbered with -1, -2, etc. Can you identify such folders there?

If so, please open the most recent of the folders. There you should find the following five files:

Let us know what you spot there, and give us the file size for the file.
I am happy to say that I have exactly these files on my computer :)

In the subfolder Western_Europe I have: 305 17.02.2013 19:11:33
Western_Europe.gif 1.551 17.02.2013 19:11:32
Western_Europe.toc 4.394 17.02.2013 19:51:14 1.958.372.860 17.02.2013 19:51:14
Western_Europe-1.gif 8.553 17.02.2013 19:11:33
I really appreciate your help.
I followed the description (although I did not have a cab file, but the files were already unpacked).
Unfortunately, TomTom still does not allow to change the country when navigating.
TomTom Home2 shows me, under "Manage my Go ==> items on device", 2 maps, Canary Islands and Western Europe.

Under "items on your computer" it says that I could install the Western Europe map.

Would it make sense to just ask the installer to install the map again?
Is there possibly a configuration file which needs to be updated for the navigation applications so that it considers to look into \Western_Europe ?

Thank you indeed, and best regards,
I think I found it.

What I had to do after copying the map manually was to tell the device to switch the map from the only one it knew (Canary Islands) to Western Europe.
I went to Settings, Manage Maps and there Western Europe was offered as possible selection (I have a German menu and I am not sure if my translation into English is absolutely correct).

Thank you very much for your always fast and professional and advancing answers!

Best regards,

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