TomTom Go 750T - Update navcore

App 9.120 has bootloader 5.5259.
App 9.058 has bootloader 5.5120.

Bootloader upgrades are irreversible. So if the OP upgrades to app 9.120 and the bootloader causes problems, there would be no way to downgrade back to 9.058.
Suspected as much. Thanks for confirming that.

To the OP - let's just work with 9.058 for now!
First of all I apologize for the delay in reply but I have been very busy
We come to us this is the situation of my TT

DeviceName = TomTom GO
DeviceVersionHW = GO 750
DeviceSerialNumber =
DeviceUniqueID =
RamDiskVersion = 20100419
BootLoaderVersion = 55277
LinuxVersion = 515773
ApplicationVersionVersionNumber = 9053
ApplicationVersion = 520930.1

so I thought to update (by extracting the files from. cab and then overwrite the existing) to 9,058
saw my bootloader, you have contraindications

TomTom customer care, responds that the vers. 9,053 is the official
Novità della nuova applicazione per i dispositivi di navigazione
As you'll notice it does not appear on the 9,058 I 9,120

Bootloader version numbers is a complex "nest of snakes".
The version numbers mvl gave appear to be for the Gox40 models not the x50's.
That explains why your bootloader is a higher number than the one mvl quoted for v9.120. Maybe he can explain further, but all I can say is that for my two devices in front of me:

Go 940 LIVE
Bootloader: 5.5120

And my Go950
Bootloader: 5.5259

When my 950 was on v9.053.520930.1 like yours, my Bootloader version was
Boot 5.5259


So you have choices....

1. You can stay as you are

2. You can try installing v9.058
As I said in my post above
I would guess that "most" owners of Go x40 and x50 models have stayed on v9.058, as that was the last one offered to them by Home, and was an official release for all of those models. However it does still have some unresolved bugs such as slow Traffic acquisition for SOME people.

TT KNOW it was an official release, so I do not know why it has never been added to the software versions list you linked to, but I should point out that there are MANY OTHER versions missing from that list, so you shouldn't take it as the whole truth.

Maybe, they have decided the software had too many bugs and have quietly tried to pretend it never happened, but as I said, thousands of people (including me) have been using it for a year or more with few problems .

3. Or you can try v9.120
Again, as I said above v9,120 is a bit of a mystery.. The TomTom website used to say that it was only intended for the XL2 model but makes no mention of it now; and obviously the file name of the one we have here shows it was meant for the Go750.
However, whether it was for ALL Go750's or maybe just for some custom models issued by one retailer or supplier.

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The thing none of us has asked - my mistake since I responded first and ought to have done - is why, apart from the fact that the number would indicate that it is an 'upgrade', the OP wants to move off of 9.053. Is there a specific issue identified that he's trying to resolve with the update?

My model skipped that particular version, so I can't say what if any benefit, if any, the OP could expect from the update on a 750T. We should probably address that if we can.
sorry for the delay, but I volutofare of comparative tests on the road.
I did not notice better performance on the "nav. 9,058" and then go back to the "nav. 9,053" which is released by TomTom.
the only thing I noticed is excessive consumption of RAM (16.4 MB free startup, 9.6 MB free during use)

comments and / or suggestions welcome

many thanks
Use whatever you're happy with! :)

Far too often we get desperate to have the newest version of everything, when what we had does everything we need.
Hello everyone
Perhaps the one difference I found:
the sensitivity of the screen with "9,053 nav" was very high at times a touch of two steps forward.
with the "9,058 nav" seems less sensitive and with a touch more advanced and only one step
The consumption of free RAM has not improved despite the intensive use of the "clear flash"
vice versa, I noticed better performance when you hear the sound start "drum roll"
but not all switching on are screen headed by the drum roll
Much like your PC, your TomTom will page things in and out of DRAM as needed for fast access, so don't worry over that.
but not all switching on are screen headed by the drum roll

That's normal. you only hear the drum roll after the unit has re-booted, not after an ordinary switch on.
OK, you say that the "roll of drums" only after you feel a real reboot.
then off, and switching is not the true restart.
Only by connecting the TT Go to the computer and updating it will restart
well my observation is that when power is running the "drumbeats" free RAM is reset, otherwise the free RAM is not updated
look forward to your comments.
many thanks for your cooperation
On this topic I realized that the "drumbeats" tells me that it was made ​​a "restart" powering up
I have a GO 750 LIVE

Does anyone have info for me, how to activate the setting buddies .
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See the features grid here. Buddies still works on older models, but the feature was removed from the GO750 and all newer models.
Yes in original navcore of GO750 the function is delette (or hidden mode x50)
But i have found (and cancelled !!) a version of navcore with buddy functionally in GO 750 (don't remember if x40 or x50 , i've installed and go )
After trying many navcore, I found (a reminder for myself and for those who wanted to):

[Reference to hacked software is not appropriate in this or any other legitimate forum--mod]
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Please do not post references to hacked software. Simply not tolerated here.

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