TomTom Go 750 Live and UK Postal Codes

May 21, 2010

I have moved from the United States to England and I brought my Go 740 Live with me on which I had installed European maps. Since moving here I have discovered the wonderous invention called the postal code. My 740 will not accept spaces when trying to enter the postal code, but a friend's Garmin will. I am wondering if I upgrade to the 750, since it is a European model, will it allow me to input an entire postal code with spaces?

Thank you for any help.
Better than purchasing a new device why not simply add the UK PostCode data to your existing unit, after all its free!

Click Here to download the files required to your PC from the server at TomTom.

Unzip the download.

Use Windows Explorer to create a folder named "zip" (without the "" in the the root of the device drive letter.

Use Windows Explorer to copy the files extracted from the download to the "zip" folder on the device.

Now you can use Navigate to PostCode, for something like:

PR4 1AX simply enter PR41AX without the space, the TomTom will sort out the correct location - Mike
You don't need to put the space in in the postcode. Just put the full postcode in without the space and it recognises it fine. I live in the UK and have never had a problem doing this.

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