TomTom App v7.XX (ie, MapShare for older Go's) is out!


Aug 30, 2006
Ponte Vedra, Florida
TomTom Model(s)
GO700 (Updated)
Am I really the first one to notice this? On coincidence, I brought my GO700 in from the car this evening to back it up (which I haven't done in a while), and when I connected it to TomTom Home, it downloaded an update. I thought for sure it would be TomTom Home v2.X, but it was the v7.61 update for the TomTom GO700. That means MapShare! Woohoo!


Have fun. Sorry if this was posted somewhere else and I just didn't see it.
Yeah, I noticed that myself. I just went ahead and plopped down the E49 for the v7.1 of the maps. What a mistake. My wife's going to kill me, as I really cannot defend that purchase. There's nothing new on the maps for my area of the country, and there have been a lot of major road changes in the last year that really should've been there. Oh, well. Here's hoping a lot of people in my area of the country are using TomTom GO720's, so we can get a lot of MapShare updates for all these roads. Currently, I spend more time driving through TomTom green pastures than I do on roads. ;)

I also noticed that the new app upgrade killed my auto-on function of my GO700. Now when I start the engine of my car, my GO700 doesn't automatically come on anymore. It does automatically turn off (if you set the feature for it to do so), but it doesn't come on automatically anymore. Probably something to do with the lousey X10 mounts or something. Pressing that one extra button is just way too annoying....haha :D

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