TomTom and Pois

Sep 21, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go for android
I would like to buy a 2nd hand(used) TomTom, to have my own poi's

Questions I have:
witch brand I must buy for that? TomTom XXL? There are anothers?

To have Maps of all Europe I must buy a TomTom with this map or i can do a upgrade?


Most XXLs are no longer supported by Tomtom.

Instead, look for a GO 5200 6200 or a GO Premium, they have all the maps for life and you can add your personal poi.

You can also Search for a GO 520, 620 it also has lifetime maps and you can add your personal poi disadvantage you have to connect it to a smartphone to have traffic.
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The 520/5200/620/6200accept up to 5 POI categories but you must accept up to 5 TomTom issued icons for the categories.

As Willy 875 said. it is not practical to buy a used XXL as which ever old map is on it, can never been updated and TomTom will not update the system either.
In Europe, you can still get this discontinued model which is still well supported. Too bad they don't still have them for sale here in North America:

The 620 is one of my favorites, mostly because it is one of the last that allows for a user to add their custom POI files. None of the current generation TomTom can do that.

You can install for free any of countries in Europe that you would like to use.

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