TomTom 1.9 on iPhone 4S "Accessory not Supported"

Discussion in 'Mobile Navigation' started by brooky, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. brooky


    Nov 10, 2011
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    Hi Folks,

    I have TomTom Western Europe 1.9 on my iPhone 4s. The app works great but when I plugin an official Apple datacable to a car cigarette lighter USB converter (belkin) I get a message saying "accessory not supported"?!

    This is rediculous as it's just a charger?!

    Does anyone know why? Can I fix it? :mad:
    brooky, Nov 10, 2011
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  2. brooky


    Sep 23, 2006
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    As long as you are not using a dock mount, there are charging adapters that you can connect between the iPod connecter and the iPhone. I would suggest that you first try a different USB Cigarette plug adapter, I use one that I picked up a truck stop for $3.00.

    Otherwise you can try one of these: (please note that *I* am not selling these items)
    mikecwest, Apr 5, 2012
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