Temperature Option for TomTom One XL

Aug 8, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
One XL-S
When I first received my TomTom One XL-S in August 2008 the unit had the option of displaying the temperature in the display bar.

For awhile I had that option checked and then later down the road it disappeared as an option.

No matter how much I search I can not find that option now. When it worked it was sweet and displayed the interior car temperature.

I have updated the software using TomTom Home several times, so I'm thinking that one of the software updates must have taken the temperature option away.

This is sad, especially since the unit is equipped with the ability to take the temperature.

I have a vehicle now that doesn't display the interior or exterior temperature, so I'm bummed that I can't get my TomTom to display it anymore.

Has anyone else had any similar problems?

Does anyone know any remedies?

No TomTom models have --- or ever have had -- the capability of showing the temperature on the status bar or elsewhere on the screen. You may be confusing the compass and its directions that did show on the status bar at one time but was removed in a previous application update.

You can change the preference for status bar to show the direction on it now, but the compass in Navcore 8 applications only shows a small arrow pointing North.

But trust me, not the temperature.
Yes it did

I know I'm not nuts on this.

In fact, in the preferences you can still set the units of measure for Fahrenheit or Celsius.

When I first got the unit I selected for temperature to show in the status bar and it did.

Later down the road I it quit showing.

Now I can't get it to show up again.

Unless you personally work for TomTom and helped to create the operating system, you can not tell me what I saw or didn't see on my TomTom One XL-S.

Why in the freakin' world would a company make a GPS unit that didn't show temperature and then have an option in the user preferences to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius???? :confused:

I'm telling you, not suggesting to you, that my TomTom did indeed display the temperature.

Now ... if there's anyone who actually knows about this please step to the plate.

Thanks for any real information anyone is able to provide. :)
Thanks to SuperMod, Mikealder, I was reminded that you do indeed see the temperature in the diagnostics screen. Press the reset button while holding down the power button. You'll see a screen of text with data in it, including temperature. But, this screen is not normally utilized in the normal course of events.

If you did indeed see the temperature, fine. But I know of nobody else who has and would be very interested in knowing how that information is made available.
In fact, in the preferences you can still set the units of measure for Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The Fahrenheit/Celsius setting is for the PLUS Weather feature on the ONE XL-S. You use bluetooth to connect to your cell phone (with data plan), and it downloads a 5-day forecast from the internet.

If you want to try, the earliest app I'm aware of for the ONE XL is 6.593. Try installing it by extracting the cab with winrar onto the root folder of the Tomtom. If you had a thermometer before, it may have it there.

I think the diagnostic thermometer screen is the CPU temp, that the BIOS uses to throttle down the chip speed when it overheats. I think it'll always be way hotter than the ambient temperature, but I don't have a ONE XL to test.

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