Go Live Temperature Problem

Mar 2, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 1005
With the recent colder weather I have been experiencing problems early morning when trying to use traffic alert services on my Go Live 1005 when it is very cold in the car, probably about 0 deg C.

I have been finding that the connection to Live Services would not work and tried performing resets on the device by holding the power button down for approx 20 secs. However, this always seemed to be hit and miss until I realised that it would start to connect to Live Services when the inside of the car warmed up. Then it would connect and I would start to receive traffic services etc.

I also found the best way to re-start the Live Services connection is to set and then reset flight mode from settings and then look at the network connection status.

I now keep my Go Live in the house during cold weather if I have to travel early morning and this seems to have fixed the problem.

Anyone else had a similar problem ?
Well, Live Services puts a drain on the battery to start and so does cold weather. The combination of the two may help explain the difficulties in getting a proper connection.

The device is not designed to function properly in 0 celsius environment.
Hi dhn,
Thanks for the info in your reply, what you say makes sense with what I have been experiencing.

I would have thought though that the hardware specification for TomTom devices would take account of leaving the device in a vehicle overnight in cold weather.

However, maybe that's too much to expect :(

Well, the manual for the Via manual (and this would apply to your model as well)

For safety reasons, and to prolong the lifetime
of the battery, charging will not occur at low (below 0 C/32 F) or high (over 45 C/113 F) temperatures.
Temperatures: Standard operation: -0 C (32 F) to +45 C (113 F); short period storage: -20 C (-4 F) to + 60 C (140 F); long period storage: -20 C (-4 F) to +25 C (77 F).

So, it seems the unit should function if left in the 0 environment overnight but better safe than sorry, I think.
Hi dhn - Thanks again, more useful info.

However, having thought I'd cracked this problem I found that Live Services still doesn't connect even when I keep the device in a warm environment. I look at the network connections status and it just says that my connection is DISABLED (SHARING SETTING).

I'd not seen the (SHARING SETTING) text before, do you know what this means ?

I'm starting to think that my device has a hardware fault and I need to return it under warranty.

Hoping you can offer some advice.
Think the issue may be this.....

In preferences-->Me and my device-->My Information, you MUST opt to share information or you will NOT get Live Services. So enable the information sharing.
I had set information sharing in my preferences so I think this is ok but connecting to Live Services still seems somewhat hit and miss.

I have been trying to work out if there is a way to kick my GPS connection to Live Services into life at home and unfortunately have a weak cellular signal strength where I live and I think this is part of the problem. The GPS will eventually log into Live Services provided the device is warm and can latch onto the cellular signal.

Basically I think overall the problem with connecting my device to Live Services is due to multiple factors and may not be entirely a fault with the hardware.

Anyway enabling and disabling flight mode seems to help and so I seem to be able to connect to Live Services with a bit of trial and error.

Thanks for your advice and I do have to say when the device is working with Live Services it saves me a lot of time by efficiently diverting me around traffic problems.

Fingers crossed ! :)

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