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Jul 24, 2019
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TT Classic, 620, 1005 + camper map, Premium X, Camper.
Hi, My Premium TT uses the standard supplied mount which is mounted onto a self adhesive disk on the dashboard. The problem is it's a bit too high and I need a low profile mount similar to the pic I attach. This one it seems is not available for my model. I can't move the disk further down dash due to curvature and only part of the disk would touch and adhere. I can't use a windscreen mount as with the shape of the dash this would only make the TT higher. It's not too bad where it is but do you know of a suitable mount? Would anyone know the ball size of the premium standard mount ? None of the third party mounts seem to make a model for the premium .

tt.jpg TT dash.jpg
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You may not want to obliterate the ROVER logo but could you mount the suction cup on it with the ball in the up position.
Hello, Thanks for response. I see what you mean and have considered that idea. However, the screen with the LR logo is also a dedicated LR sat nav, (no where near as good as the TT), and also switches modes to show 4x4 axle movement etc. I just changed a screen in a computer tablet and they are very thin and fragile and would not want to risk breaking this one.
Hi, No problem it was not clear from the pic . I will look into those Brodit mounts thank you. I had similar in a Renault way back when .
Having tested the TomTom supplied air vent mounts in Ford Taurus and Dodge Caravan with several 6" devices I would NOT recommend it to anyone.
Didn't you do the same as I did? I added a thin layer of silicone pad to each 'gripper' and after that, had no issues with the lack of parallelism.
Thanks for responses. I did have a look at the Brodit which depending on model mounts either side of the main console. (Land Rover Discovery 3) .However, this would be a bit too low on the left and I would be tempted to take eyes off road to take a look. On the right side the screen would be blocked by my arm. I had also considered the vent mount but ideally wanted to keep vent clear for air flow and air con. Not that we need the latter over here often although last two days have reached record levels of 38 degrees or so. I know other places experience much higher on a regular basis but we are just not used to it. Same as snow! If I can just find the low profile one with the right ball size for the premium ... For my 1005 I modified a mount I had been using on my 620. The screen mounted arm came from an online shop 'Buy Bits' who had a great range of 3rd party mounts back then. With the aid of a rubber tap washer and some super glue, (on the mount itself not the screen lol), it was a secure mount. Thinking I might have to do the same again but with the DIY mount twisted to curve over dash...thinks.


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Assembly of DIY mount ...


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Would anyone know the ball size for back of the standard TT Premium mount please? I have purchased a 3rd party multi angle mount intended for trucks and suchlike (HR Global) but need to modify the end plate purchased separately which is flat with raised fitting for 620(?) types (Herbert R type fitting as in my pic above) and fit a ball on to it. Amazon have several cheap 3rd party mounts with several ball attachments at 16mm for less than five Pounds Sterling. Do not want to ruin my standard mount or pay arm and a leg for second one to use. Thanks

Found this pic - The top one has same fitting as the HR Global but no idea of ball size. This would be the ideal but if not then the ball at the bottom and will fit that instead.


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HR Global and HR end fitting to modify


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Measured, I've always found them to be 15.7~15.8mm, but I believe that nominally, they're called 16mm.
Hi, Thanks for that, The new HR Global extends about two more inches forward than my old one above, so that's going to allow me to lower the TT by two inches and prevent it being in the direct line of vision. Now to find a 16 mm ball. If not guess it's another standard mount to gently tear apart - just for the end of the mount. No need for the ball then. Superglue to the front lol. Thanks again :)
Designed in Amsterdam, made in China, and 5/8"??? Would seem an odd choice without some standard to follow.
FWIW, not even Garmin (they're in Kansas, Toto) uses a nominally 'English' size ball on their units.
Designed in Amsterdam, made in China, and 5/8"??? Would seem an odd choice without some standard to follow.
FWIW, not even Garmin (they're in Kansas, Toto) uses a nominally 'English' size ball on their units.
You'ld be surprised how many 'dyed-in-the-wool' metric countries that have gone metric still use EXACT equivalents of inch dimensions.
To what end? In this instance, there's no USA/England precedent. As I say, even Garmin uses a metric ball (17mm). The only exceptions I know about are motorcycle mounts, which are much larger.
Hello, Thank you everyone for your comments above. I wanted the ball size to see if I could make a custom mount for my Tom Tom Premium. There does not seem to be an extendable 3rd party mount as yet for the premium. Mount yes - but not with right end fixing. So the idea was to find a ball from a cheapie standard mount (not neccessarily for a TT) and fix it to the HR bracket pictured above. As it was I decided to go another route and here is the finished article. I purchased a second standard mount and remove the magnetic part from the ball and glued it to the HR 4 hole bracket. This means the TT is much lower now and not in my line of view. the sucker is of course but I don't find that too distracting. I have not explained that too well ...but the pic will speak a thousand words . Not a cheap way to do it ...but better than in the way or dropping into my lap as adhesive disc is not that adhesive..


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Looks like a robotics class experiment o_O

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