Speeding alerts on BL5301b00416

Apr 3, 2013
Washington State
TomTom Model(s)
So i used to be able to have speeding alerts on my device whenever i went over the speed limit, but lately it has not been working. My speeding camera and voice settings are on, including the "warn when driving faster than allowed" setting. Any opinions on what i can do to fix this?


That would be a Start 25 model (aka Via 1505).

Safety Settings / Warn when driving faster than allowed (check)
Sound = ??? You have to pick something, and this often gets accidentally 'defaulted' to "Silence" during a firmware update. Please check to make sure that isn't the case, and that you've selected one of the real sounds there. It may also be reset to "Silence" during a reset that is invoked with the power button.

If you are NOT offered any sounds to select, then you will need to DESELECT the "Warn when driving faster..." and go back and reselect it. At that point, you will be offered different sounds from which to choose.

TomTom is aware of this problem, but has not yet fixed it.

Let's start from there.
Thank you for the info, we did try all that already, the sound is set to flash and the sound is at 100% with a voice selected. It's good to know it's already a known issue though. :)


But the only known issue concerns getting to that sounds menu.
Once a sound is set, then it should all work.
Can you just try deselecting the sound and choosing another one. Can you hear it when you do?

If that bit works, check the roads you are driving on Di have speeds associated with them in the mapping I.e. Does the speed limit show on screen?
And does the left section of the status bar turn red when you are speeding?

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