Selling my TT...question on maps

Feb 6, 2011
Hello from the UK!

Got a question on what I do with my maps if I sell my TT (a TT GO 720), I've been browsing the forums and have learned some stuff, but just want to clear this up properly...

I believe my maps are tied to my TT. So in theory they go with the unit, right? However, is the original purchase tied to my account?

So if I sell my TT, in order to sell it as TT plus x, y and z maps do I need to transfer my account to the purchaser? What do I need to do in order to ensure they all get transferred properly? Do they need to be on the TT (a daft question I know)? What if all the maps don't fit at once?

Just a few questions to make sure I get it right. Thanks for your help...
When you sell the unit, the new user can register the unit using a different email address and password. The maps are locked to the unit when first installed, not the user of the unit.

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