saved routes tomtom one 3rd

Nov 28, 2007
is it possible to create a route and then save it for later with the tomtom one 3rd? if so how many of these routes can be saved at one time?

i know that i can "turn on" itinerary planning with the menu hack thing wondering about this before i even try. I would like to make like 5 different routes for my wife to get to work depending on traffic conditions (she gets carried away with listenting to talk radio and misses the turns alot). i want to be able to let her pick one of the 5 saved routes and have it direct her uses the saved route not attempt to make a new route for her? is this possible?

Personally, I'd get an LE. It will have the Itinerary function active, without messing with custom menus.

Each saved itinerary is a tiny text file. I've got a bunch saved and they range from 50 to 200 kb. Really tiny. So you can save a very large number with no problem.

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