XXL 550 Refurbishment Will Not Restore Saved Data

Jan 25, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 550
Hello Everyone,

I recently had an issue with my XXL550 unit that could not be resolved. I sent the unit in and received a refurbishment of the same model. It is not the same device.

I pluged the XXL550 into my computer and the TomTom Software recognized this was not the same device previously used. I told it to associate my account to this device and everything appeared to be fine. Upon attempting to restore the old data the TomTom Home software is informing me no backups exist. I can see the 1.8 gig file on my hard drive that is the backup, I know it exists. Is there anyway to force the TomTom home software to recognize the backup file?
Ugh. Unless tech support makes a transfer on your behalf, your old account is NOT associated with the new device. Some of the old files you had backed up were keyed specifically to your old serial number.

At some point, you'll either need to create an account for your new unit with its new serial number using another NEW email address, or have tech support reassign your old address to your new unit.

Meanwhile, if you do own more than one TomTom, Home will segregate files on your hard drive with separate folders for each unit. Not all multi-unit owners want the same stuff on all of their units anyway. As an example, I have a 720 and 740, and Home is very careful to keep certain things stored separately on my HD.

If you can tell us what you want to restore, we may be able to help you copy that much from the old folder onto your new TomTom. For example, if you have favorites, or itineraries, voices or whatever else, we can help you copy those directly to your unit from the old folders. Just tell us what you want to retrieve, and we can tell you where it is on your hard drive and where to copy them onto your unit. THEN you can do a full backup of your new unit using your OS instead of Home - which would be a good way to start anyway, even before we start retrieving backup stuff.

See here: https://www.tomtomforums.com/t17864-how-backup-contents-your-unit-computer.html
What backup are you trying to restore? If the application software, no need as you can always download the application using Home. If the map, it won't work since maps are locked to the device first installed upon.
The primary thing I would like to retrieve is the favorites (very tedious to program them all back in). I have windows 7 operating system.

Thanks for the help.
If the backup was made in Home, the complete backup is in zipped format, as I understand. Well, while the map itself can't be used in the new unit, if you extract the mapsettings.cfg file from the specific map folder in the backup and copy that mapsettings.cfg file inot the specific map folder on your replacement unit, you'll likely find your favourites, recent destinations, home location and other settings are back.

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