Safety Cameras not showing speed on 950

Dec 2, 2010
Sorry to trouble you guys but I'd appreciate any ideas

My 3 days old TT 950 doesn't show or warn of established / known speed cameras whilst driving here in the UK, my old 910 used to show them without a problem

I've been on to TT & they talked me through the correct warning settings & sounds as if I were an 8 yr old, reset & restored the device 3 times (under guidance from TT) & also ran a downloaded 'clear flash' app.

They even had me use another pc to update from TT Home but still nothing.

Currently waiting for a call back to talk me through a post back-up format of the device. :confused:

If that fails the guy says I'll have to send it in for repair,

Many thanks in advance

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Welcome to TTF.

One of our supermods, Mikealder, is UK based and should pop into this thread within the next 24 hours.

I do know that the TT supplied safety camera database is woefully inadequate in accuracy. Many feel a 3rd party subscription to a reliable, flexible database is desired.

And many subscribe to such a database at For further information, see here:
Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras
Go to Live Services/ Safety Cameras and make sure the alerts supplied with the device are actually enabled.

If you want a decent speed camera database that you can rely upon for accurace have a look at - Mike

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