Road number enunciation

Jul 14, 2010
I have a UK and Europe Go 730, I am using Simon as an electronic voice but I want him to say road numbers as e.g. 4 0 8 not Four hundred and eight. I found a thread with info about changing the TTS Loquendo info but the contents of the folder did not have the string in it shown in the original post so I have not been able to change the "o" to "oh" as suggested.

Any suggestions ?
I guess that is a no then !


I'm here in the US and thought, as I read through the Loquendo threads, that I found some posts which spoke specifically to which file name applied in UK, but I must be mistaken because now I can't again track down. I have been reading and listening all the threads on this topic hoping I will find ways to get US highways, reliably spoken as "two fifteen" and "five sixty-five" as examples. Some do and some don't. I can't figure out a pattern.

Other strange thing here in Las Vegas is streets that sound Spanish, but end up with really weird american pronunciations. I've asked about but heard nothing wrt ability of Loquendo to understand diacritical marks and have taken to spelling works strangely (Veea so Via is pronounced correctly :))

I'll keep looking buy you will probably find the string you need quicker than I.

Good luck.


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