Rider 2nd Edition (US) - Shutting down in 10 seconds..9seconds...

Jun 24, 2011
Anyone had this issue?

  1. Rider 2 will only power on with AC Power to it (Have just replaced the battery and recharged it)
  2. While AC charger connected, display shows TOMTOM will SHUT DOWN in 10 seconds, 9 seconds, 8 seconds...etc

The device keeps displaying this over and over, toggling between that and the drive screen.

** BTW, TomTom says no battery replacement, no instructions, no part number, and they won't take it back in for battery replacement. "Recylce at an approved Recycle Center'.....what the heck!!!!

Anyway, I'm SO FRUSTRATED with this thing, right now.


Sounds like the mount is failed/ failing giving the impresion the power it being turned off (not too unusual) is there an option to disable the auto power off feature in Change Preferences/ Battery Preferences? - Mike


Disable the auto off feature and trouble shot the mount. There is a thread in the forum on how to replace the battery. Its been done before. :)

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