Rider 2nd Edition Corrupted Map Download

Jun 26, 2009
Anchorage, Alaska
TomTom Model(s)
Rider 2nd Edition
Is it me or is the latest Rider 2nd Edition Map Archive corrupt on the TomTom download Server? Here is the error message I receive:

ERROR: DesktopLib/InstallToDevice/GetInstallable/InvalidArchive1: This file is invalid (archive file): C:\Documents and Settings\jmcdonald\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map\North_America_2GB\North_America_2GB.zip
@ .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp(1005)
<HOME2 version="2.7">
<map version="855" idnum="1401561" idstr="North_America_2GB" idurl="http://id.tomtom.com/map/north_america_2gb/arm9">
<title mimetype="text/plain" lang="en-US">North America 2GB</title>
<description mimetype="text/plain" lang="en-US">Detailed map seamlessly covering North America - modified to fit devices with 2GB memory. Map coverage statistics: - countries fully covered (99.9%): the US (all states including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada (all provinces) and Puerto Rico. - additional information: over 1500 miles of additional coverage added in Canada</description>
<image url="http://download.tomtom.com/sweet/855/arm9-mnt/PREVIEW/North_America_2GB.gif" usage="preview" mimetype="image/gif"/>
<image url="http://download.tomtom.com/sweet/855/arm9-mnt/ICON/North_America_2GB.gif" usage="icon" mimetype="image/gif"/>
<url size="200" content="activation" location="http://community.tomtom.com/content...55&amp;muid=K23448C00104&amp;encryption=drm"/>
<url size="1757041649" content="main" location="http://download.tomtom.com/855/arm9...4Y/BV9Wd9D Qa23mjgY2njdPhHzLmqMdKiwJftQgos="/>
<targetdevice models="go710 dublin_eclipse rider2 rider go510 go_I90 dublin_toyota"/>
<contentprotection scheme="durham" devicecode="AK7SGA2ASS"/>
<supplier sharing="false" id="tomtom">
<image url="http://home.tomtom.com/media/suppliers/tomtom_supplier_icon.png" usage="icon" mimetype="image/png"/>
<rect>-17679474 7439937 -4985187 1765935</rect>
in .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp:1005
0. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/commit.js:82
1. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/ttwizard.xml:1061
this._commitFailed(i, commitPage);
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/util.js:79
return func.apply(obj, arguments);
3. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:77
4. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:69
Time: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 20:05:24 GMT
You can try doing the install with the information here:

But if it craps out again, it probably is indeed a corrupt download.

Make sure your computer is a direct connect to the router/modem, not wireless. For whatever reason, TT's dl servers don't play well with wireless connections when it comes to large (like a map) downloads.

Delete the cab file from here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

and attempt the dl again.
How do I convince TomTom that their map is corrupted? I'm getting ready to post this into my service request thread:

I have pasted this link in to internet explorer:

[link removed - moderator]

This starts downloading the map file. The download information window says the file is 1,737,764,864 bytes. TomTom Home says the file is supposed to be 1,757,041,649 bytes. After download is completed and I try to open the zip file windows tells me the file is corrupted. Please have the web admins repost this zip file, it is corrupted. I can't be the only one complaining about this.
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I'm sorry but we are not affiliated with TomTom at all.

As such, while we can and do provide direct links to older applications for TomTom units on occasion (they're free), we can't provide links to any map downloads from TomTom (corrupt or not :) ). That's why the link in your post was removed.
The AES encryption code has expired already anyway. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with this new map? The map is also used on the following models:
go710 dublin_eclipse rider2 rider go510 go_I90 dublin_toyota. Does anyone else have any input?!:confused:
Since I gather the corrupt map file is on your computer, if you use WinRar, it has a function to try to repair a corrupt file.

Might be worth a shot...................
Is there not a 'repair' icon at the top of WinRar to try to fix the corrupt file?
How do I convince TomTom that their map is corrupted? I'm getting ready to post this into my service request thread:
I can't be the only one complaining about this.

Hi there,
I'm afraid you're not the only one.
Having the same problem with the same map.
My friends are off to Canada tomorrow, I'm trying to get this thing up and running as a favour. 24 hrs into it, getting a bit annoyed.

Lines are not open in the UK on weekends.
I'd hate to let my friends down, but it seems I've failed thanks to a corrupt zip file and an unreliable customer service.

Any chance you could ring TomTom and have them to do something about it, please?

I had the same problem. This is the topic I started https://www.tomtomforums.com/tomtom-rider/23121-no-maps-found-after-update.html

I had the hardest time trying to revert back to the older version of the map. Just follow the instructions that DHN posted.

I was planning to check for updates today, but now I'll wait until the problem is solved. I suugest that everyone who is having the problem contact Customer Service and/or send them a link to this topic.
Any resolution

Has anyone figured out how to install the update correctly? I have gone so far as to report this thread to support and work through their suggestions, but they are just following their script rather than listening to me and troubleshooting the actual problem. Here is my conversation with them.

Anyway, if you figure out how to get the update installed, I would appreciate a nudge on here.

Customer James Burcham 09/26/2010 12:15 AM OK, I have tried all the troubleshooting options provided below to get the maps to update properly, but they will not do so.

1) Scanned TomTom Rider for errors... none found.
2) Deleted TomTom/Home/Downloads folder contents and tried again... failed with identical error.
3) Formatted TomTom (after a complete backup and deleting contents download folder) and tried to update from scratch... failed with identical error.

Also worth noting, I tried to repair the Archive after Home downloaded it (North_America_2GB.zip) with WinRar. It shows the archive file as being corrupt.

Thanks for all your efforts!

... yada yada... nothing useful here, omitted for brevity's sake.

Thank you for taking the time to contact TomTom Customer Support. My name is Jade and we are always happy to help.

I apprehend you are getting Archive File related error while updating the map on your TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition.

First of all, I would like to thank you for performing the basic troubleshooting and especially for providing these links. I am escalating them to my supervisor to ensure that they get forwarded to correct department for further review.

In order to resolve this issue, we will need to perform a ?check disc? to scan your TomTom?s internal memory. Please use the following link to get the instructions to do so:

Check device memory for errors

Once done, please restart your computer and device.

Now, we will need to clear the ?Downloads? folder from your computer:

a. Click 'Start', go to 'My Documents'.
b. In 'My Documents' open TomTom folder.
c. Open HOME folder.
d. Open the 'Downloads' folder and delete everything inside of it.

Please reconnect the device and open the HOME Program and the map should be available for download. Click on 'Update and Install'.

If and (only if) you receive the same error them we will need to format your TomTom. Please use the following steps:

1. Connect the TomTom device to your computer.
2. Go into Start > My Computer.
3. Right-click the TomTom device and choose Format.
4. If there is no label, enter a label such as "TOMTOM" and click Start.
5. Choose OK at the warning.

Once you have formatted the device, please connect it to TomTom HOME to install the application, voices etc. Please use the following link which will provide you with the instructions about updating the device:

Updating your navigation device

Eric, please let me know if the issue still remains unresolved. We value you as a customer and your complete satisfaction is our prime concern.

To update your TomTom question (incident) or to reply to this email:
Please log in to your TomTom account using the following link:
-Now Click on 'Support'
-Select 'My Questions History'
-Click on the title of your question then click on 'Update Question'

Note: If the incident is not updated within 72 hours, the incident will move to 'Solved' status to reflect that the provided resolution has been successful for you. The incident will automatically get closed.

Thank you for choosing TomTom for your navigation needs. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to email or call us at 866-486-6866 Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST or Saturday, 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM EST. Thanks again for writing. At TomTom, we believe in showing you the way, the easy way.

With Best Regards,

TomTom Customer Support Customer James Burcham 09/15/2010 09:47 PM Several other individuals are reporting an identical issue. I believe that the actual file that TomTom home is trying to download from your server is corrupted. I have now tried this from three different machines in two different physical locations with identical results.


Also, when I try to open the downloaded .zip file with WinRar or WinZip, I get an error saying that the file is corrupted/invalid. It is a problem with the file itself, I'm pretty sure.

The file location from the error report is here:

Of course I am unable to download it directly (forbidden), but you might send that URL to your engineers and see if they can correct the problem.


Eric. Auto-Response 09/15/2010 12:26 AM Title: No maps found
Link: No maps found

Title: How can I buy new maps?
Link: How can I buy new maps?

Title: Map Zones - How can I install the full map on my new memory card?
Link: Map Zones - How can I install the full map on my new memory card?

Title: Updating my TomTom product
Link: Updating my TomTom product

Title: Cost of 12 month Map Update Service
Link: Cost of 12 month Map Update Service Customer James Burcham 09/15/2010 12:26 AM I get the following error consistantly when I try update my North American Maps on my Rider 2nd Edition. I have followed the other troubleshooting steps. Error and system information are attached.
Also, if anyone has any contact information for decision makers or engineers at TomTom who can actually troubleshoot rather than follow their support script, I'd appreciate that information as well. Thanks!
I just talked to them on the phone. They confirmed that the latest map was not working on the Riders. Said they would give me an extra map since this one wasnt working. Guess I will have to wait for the next one. Oh well. Riding season is nearly over here in Wisconsin.
At least they are admiting that they have a problem. Have you guys managed to get your Rider working? I was not able to until I cleared everything off of my card and loaded an older version of the map.
There is a 2GB North America version 855.2883 that appears to be corrupt. I tried to install it and it messed up my Rider. I had to go through hell to get it working again.

It showed up in my map folder as North America 2 BG-6. I had to install the previous version North America 2 BG-5. I now afraid to try again. The worse part is I have a newly renewed subscription.
Customer Service Number?

GeekVisionRider (or anyone else...) would you mind providing the phone number you used to reach them?


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