Question Concerning Updating Go 740 Live While Using a Micro SD Card

May 21, 2010
Today I moved my map to a Micro SD card. After doing this I connected my GO 740 to the computer to update it. Home opened by questioning me as to whether I wanted to use the internal memory or the memory card and I selected internal memory. Yet when it downloaded the updates, it installed them to the memory card anyway.

I only want my map on the card. Do I need to remove the card before updating the unit in order to make sure that the updates go onto the device's internal memory?
Like you, I keep my map folder on the SD and all else in the internal. Home is able to sort what needs to go where. It will always ask what you want to do (internal vs. SD), even if there's no sensible alternatives. Anyway, things that need to be placed in the map folder will be placed there, and other items (e.g., GPSQuickFix) info will be placed in the internal memory where they need to be. I always just respond with "Internal".

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