Problems with updating Start60

Mar 18, 2010
Lincoln, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Start 60
I've been to the FAQs and this link:
and so far nothing has helped. My Firefox is the latest version and Flash was updated a few days ago but my problems started before that.

I get the message from TTHome that a couple of updates are available (both small, it's not a major map change). The progress runs up to 99% and stays there for hours, so many hours that I have to disconnect the device and then it needs a drumroll reset to start again.

Today I checked TTHome settings and it said a new version was ready so I started the download of that - as before except it stalled at 24%.

Connection to the internet is just fine and the only thing I could try is a different browser but short of making IE my default (yuk!) I can't see how to get TTHome to use that.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Best wishes from Lincoln, UK.

The Start 60 requires MyDrive (get it at not Home.

That said, many are experiencing problems with mapshare updates in that the updates don't complete. May be the issue with your device.

Uncheck the mapshare updates next time. TomTom is working on the problem but there is no resolution at this time.
Oh, no, the senility is getting worse! I'm sorry, I am using MyDrive, it was TTHome on the last one... How do I uncheck mapshare updates without the others please?
With MyDrive open you click MyContent.
Available updates will be shown and you can uncheck the ones you do't want before clicking on Update.
If your MyDrive page shows 'x' updates available, there should also be a little spot where you can click on 'Details' that will open another page to show all of the updates that are scheduled. Then you can deselect any you don't wish to take.
I must be doing something wrong. I just plugged in the device and MyDrive came straight up. I put in the password and it went straight into a download which then froze again at 24%. Screenshot attached. How do I break this loop?


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Reboot your Start 60. plug it in again and see if MyDrive still wants to install. If yes, leave it connected to the computer over night. Should be finished in the morning.
First hand experiences.
Error in my post #5, but not relevant - just needs to be corrected: It's called "More info" under the update button.

There is ONE download that is sometimes automatic, and that you'll never be shown or asked to select/deselect from the update list, and honestly, I don't appreciate the fact that it is ... the 'ephemeris' data, which if you've had a TomTom before, is the old QuickGPSFix data that identifies future positions for satellites.

Try flushing out any data from your cache. To clear your cache folder, right click the MyDrive systray icon, go to Settings, and select the "Cache" tab. Select "Empty the cache". Then give it another go.
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Thanks for all the help. Arno, I'll give your suggestion a go - and let you know tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
Thanks, Arno, it worked as you said but, I have to say, that's not very impressive. Did you say that Tomtom are working on this? Anyway, all is sweetness and light now, so thanks again.
Thanks, Arno, it worked as you said but, I have to say, that's not very impressive. Did you say that Tomtom are working on this? Anyway, all is sweetness and light now, so thanks again.
It used to be MyTomTom until late fall when they changed to the User Friendly (!) modernised interface.
When enough people complain in TomTom's own forum
matters will move forward.

Trouble with computer programming is that when you plug one hole, something that always worked my start to malfunction.

Anyway, I'm glad you got it sorted.

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