Updating problems

Dec 30, 2007
Having problems updating software

Followed all the instructions but end up with Red "x's after updating

did a backup. connected the TT to the Dock. clicked on computer Yes

Home starts, took option to Update my device

seems to work with downloading. Disconnect the device in Home software .

then start getting red X

it looks like the software downloads into a folder as a .cab file, but is never installed on the TT

Had to do a restore to get the TT working again

this has happened twice. It downloads the update, seems to delete some files, but does not install the new version

Would appreciate help
In another thread about the flashing red X afterupdating (which happens to me almost every time I update the softwre), the following info was given. It has helped me every time (but I copy the info I am going to delete to another folder first!):

Connect the device to the PC.

Close Home,

Open My Computer.the Tomtom will be recognized as a mass storage device

Explore it and delete all the loose files that are not in yellow folders .

In Tomtom home folder in my documents, delete the downloads folder (so there are no previous copies of the software)

Exit Home on the computer and then open it again ( this will create a new downloads folder)

Log-in again and click on download your updates

In Home reinstall the application update and this will be rebuild the operating system on the device

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