Updating Problems & Nightmares -> Change the USB cable

Aug 5, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
PocketPC TomTom, GO720, START25

Just wished to have found this information quicker..

I passed through all the update nightmares that many of us encountered with Tomtom updates..

That is : infinite messages like "Problem with your device, try reconnect, endless/stopped timer, etc..

All this stopped by.. changing the USB cable!

TomTom, please change your cable's Provider!

Hope this will help others.

Welcome to TTF..Usually, it is people using a NON-tomtom provided cable that run into issues.

It was a new Start 25 with the Tomtom's cable.. You probably are right but I found other peoples who had the same problem..
Nope, recent computer but using the front panel USB whig tonmy knowledge are USB2 ones
The not working cable was a USB2 one.
Interesting. Hate to put you through the brain damage, but what happens if you take the TomTom cable and connect to a rear USB port?
No problem.. I'll do it but we'll have to wait for another big update to test any consistent connexion.. (The errors were occuring after a few minutes (1 to 5min) of updating..)

Anyway, any usb cable I tried in the front panel is working.. except the Tomtom's one..

I'll report here..

ps: indeed I'm not sure that the Tomtom's usb cable is a USB2 one. Last message above from me was written via my Iphone, and for some reasons, I thought there was a "USB 2" sticker on it.. but this is not the case..
I would not be at all surprised if there is a problem with the USB cable. I have not had any problems with my TomTom cables, but I have been quite surprised how often problems have occurred with USB cables from a wide variety of sources. I see no reason why TomTom would be an exception to that.

- Tom -

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