Problems with editing GPX files in TomTom My Drive

Feb 18, 2021
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/be.png" alt="Belgium" /> Belgium
TomTom Model(s)
Rider 550 - Rider 50 - GO 6200

Short introduction, my name is Kurt, I'm from Belgium and I'm using TomTom devices for years now.
I've currently an Rider 550 & 50 and GO6200.

I've recently stumbeld on the following problem with the TomTom MyDrive webapllication.
If I import a GPX-file it is no longer possible to edit them.
I got always the notification that there is no route possible.
I tried different GPX files, they all have the same problem.
Also GPX files that I edited in the past are no longer editable.
I've three different accounts and they all come up with the same issue.
I also tried different browser but no luck.
All devices were updated and if I export a track they are editable within the device but not with TomTom MyDrive.
I attachement you find some examples off GPX files that arent edditable anymore.
I changed the file extension in .txt because it wasn't possible to upload them as .gpx.

Best Regards,



  • B-_Limbourg_-_St_Vith_-_Trois_Points_-_Soumagne.txt
    150.7 KB · Views: 83
  • B_-_Voeren_-_Trois_Points_-_Rivage_-_Barchon.txt
    148 KB · Views: 76
  • B_-_Herve_-_TroisPonts_-_La_Roche_-_Durbuy_-_Namen.txt
    235.2 KB · Views: 82


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