POIEdit Issue

Dec 11, 2007
Boone, NC
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
I continue to get error messages (e.g. invalid floating point) when trying to open files on my TT Go720. Also can't open the device browser - have tried with and without TTHome open.

Uninstalled POIEdit, then re-downloaded and re-installed it with the same results.

What am I missing?
POI files

Hey, Pedro. I can't remember specifically now which files, just that I was trying to look into POI files.

I was able to open a Caribou Coffee POI file and change the lat/long of an incorrectly placed coffee shop.

Since the Caribou file is on my computer and hasn't been placed on the TomTom (GO720) since I reformatted my flash memory, I must have been using this file:


Where should I be looking for POI files?

Hey Fred,
If you want to open the zip POI, I would recommend to unzip the file and open the POI. If the whole long and lats are switch then it will take long to switch them correctly. I suggest to open POIedit first, click on 'tools', then 'batch convert'. You will see a new window open. on the left hand side, select the directory of the POI file you have on your computer until it will list it below. Make sure the source format is .ov2. select the destination directory on the right hand side. Change the destination format to Garmin Comma Seperated (.csv). This will convert your .ov2 custom POI to a spreedsheet file you can open using excel. Once you open it with excel, just switch the columns and save it. Then use POIedit to convert the .csv file back to .ov2.
Thank you, Pedro. Which POI file do you normally edit or change with POIEdit? The one in TomTom>Internal Memory>N_A Map>poi.dat ?
There was a program to edit the poi.dat file in the past. Im not sure if it still exists. Other than that, I've never edited the original poi.dat file. Sorry.

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