No Volume control via bluetooth

Sep 4, 2009
I have paired my iphone via bluetooth to my car stereo, all works well though when listening to the ipod function I have the music turned up a fair bit.
When tomtom interrupts, its volume is way, way louder than my music... I have tried reloading the music with louder settings but this is not the ideal way, (as classical, compared to rock have different loudness)
I can't control the volume of tomtom over bluetooth. Does anyone know if I am doing anything wrong? Or is it a function that is lacking?
Loving the wireless iphone/tomtom/ipod/handsfree thing though
Doesn't anyone have this problem? It seems rudimentary to be able to control the volume in the app but it can't!
A work around would be appreciated though :)
TomTom iPhone Volume

I have exactly the same problem with my iPhone connected via a Connects2 adapter to the CD-changer port of my car radio. Neither the volume slider in the application nor the volume controls on the side of the device make any difference to the volume of the TomTom application, and the voice commands are FAR too loud when compared with the music volume coming through my car speakers.

This is something that definitely needs to be addressed. My preference for a solution would be to allow the TomTom app to use the built-in iPhone speaker rather than whatever device it's connected to - this would also mean there would be no need to pause the music every time an instruction is played and every time you approach a speed-camera.

iphone sound control

I think the problem lies with Tom Tom not having a specific voice volume control with its output, I don't mind the interruption to music etc but the volume is out of control! My fix is to turn the bluetooth off and have the iphone speaker on instead, then when I get a call I turn the bluetooth (on the car stereo) on and then make a hands free call then turn the bluetooth off again after. This isn't ideal, as it can be distracting while driving. Please TomTom fix this bug
Might be me but I don't plug into the headphone jack on the car kit, plug into the one on the phone. Seems to work OK.

plugging in can work but I am keen on the whole thing being wireless over bluetooth.And though it works fine I can't tuen down her voice compared to the music, so directions are BOOMING while the music is quiet... a bit of a deal as it should be easy to adjust volumes in the app
Hi BoingNZ,
I have a Nokia 3650, which I link to my dell laptop via blue-tooth. I also
plug my stereo into the headphone jack of my laptop, so that I can run
i tunes, etc. What I am wondering is if there is a way that I can control
the volume on the laptop via blue-tooth - either somehow through the phone
(seems unlikely, but there could be a way) or via some other BT device.
Yes, I know, other people have stereos that have their own remote controls,
but I'm quite fond of my 30-year-old amplifier.Thanks
Hi... I don't think you can do that unless you have a bluetooth app on the nokia that can control a pc... iphone probably has something...

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