lost volume control in jukebox

May 15, 2010
In February I had to go to Canada for job training and I fugured I would do an update to my GO720. I soon noticed that the volume control for jukebox has been disabled. Move the slider back and fourth and nothing. The problem is the volume is set permanently on 100%. At this volume is overloads my stereo and the music is punchy and scratchy. VERY IRRITATING! After multiple calls to TomTom I got no results. I was told to update again and still no dice. I was even told to copy a cab file into my tomtom to overwrite the system back to 8.010. This did not help either. So what TomTom has doen is render my GPS as USELESS for an MP3 player. I have 7gb of music on there that I cannot listen to! I know others have had this problem. Anyone have a solution???
What version is your map? We can give you a cab for the oldest app that supports the map.
What method are you using to play the music, built in speaker, FM TX, Line Out or Bluetooth as TomTom have messed around with certain options WRT volume controls on some of the outputs with certain Navcore releases - Mike

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